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Foxy HOTAS Cougar Special Edition

Cougar World Hardware for:
Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar joystick and throttle.

The very latest and the very best in the Fox Two series of Thrustmaster software, and the natural successor to Digital Foxy, is Foxy, HOTAS Cougar Special Edition. The Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar is the very best joystick and throttle you can buy - without a shadow of a doubt. I was very lucky to be invited onto the Cougar Development team to develop the programming syntax, manual and software amongst other things. Head over to Cougar World now and find out all about this mother of all joysticks.

Foxy HOTAS Cougar Edition ships with the Cougar. It is not available separately for purchase, and it is not compatible with the Digitally modified Thrustmaster controllers or the original chipset controllers.

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Digital Foxy and Fox Two Professional

Go to the Fox Two main page Hardware for:
Digital Foxy: Thrustmaster gameport F-22 PRO, F-16 FLCS, TQS modified with Bob Church's digital chips.
Fox Two Professional: Thrustmaster gameport F-22 PRO, F-16 FLCS, PFCS, TQS, WCS MkII with original TM chipset.

The successors to Fox Two Freeware, these applications provide everything you need to program your high end Thrustmaster flight controllers. A clean colourful interface aids the complete beginner to the hardcore veteran through every conceivable programming requirement, along with full colour graphical and textual printing, and a whole host of other applications to support your flight simming/Thrustmaster needs. A must have if you have these controllers.

I also maintain a Thrustmaster FAQ for the high end gameport Thrustmaster flight simulation controllers, If you're having problems, then have a read through it.

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Fox Three

Fox Three Hardware for:
QuickShot MasterPilot.

Fox Three is designed to ease the programming of the QuickShot MasterPilot. This software will allow you to create and edit your .gam files as well as produce print outs you can cut out to insert into your MasterPilots.

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Foxy RS

Foxy RS Hardware for:
RealSimulator F-16 ICP and MFDs

Under development, this software allows you to develop files for your ICP and MFDs without needing an indepth knowledge of the mbm programming language.

Click on the image to be taken to the Foxy RS thread at Frugal's World


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