Photos of Kay

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Howdy! Well here's a collection of photos of Kay, so enjoy the love of my life :) Many were taken when we went to a friend's wedding, Sonali, who's pictured in some of the photos, and you'll also see me in one of the pictures, as well as some of our other friends.

Kay in Kenwood Kay by Soni's new car at the wedding Kay by some river in France Kay in Kenwood A gorgeous photo at the wedding All of us at the wedding Who's a happy bunny then?! Kay in Hyde Park Notre Dame is in the background This time a flash was used Our friend Sonali at her engagement Mariam and Kay, another great friend Kay in Hyde Park Soni and Kay Kay in Hyde Park Soni and Kay Together after eating yet more cheesecake!Soni and Kay Kay on elective with Meena I love this photo At a friends graduation It's me! Kay's contemplates her e-mail Kay in Hyde Park Kay in Hyde Park Kay in Kenwood The teddy and the roses

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