Fox Two Pro Version History

If you don't have the latest version of Fox Two professional, then e-mail me and I'll get it out to you. All users who purchase Fox Two Pro are automatically entered onto the mailing list if you supplied an e-mail address with your order. Please note that you must let me know your new e-mail address if you change it, so that I can make changes to the mailing list. I frequently get around 30 bounced e-mails everytime I send out upgrade information. Very frustrating! :)

Changes made in version 2.5 from version 2.4a

Version 2.5 is a minor upgrade, to ensure that the latest controls are being shipped with Foxy. Basically I've just bought Visual Basic Professional version 6 Service Pack 3 with the Windows 2000 Readiness Kit. The idea here is that I recompile Foxy with it, to ensure that everyone has the very latest controls and that Foxy becomes Windows 2000 ready. Changes made are detailed below:

1.) I've added to the Launcher the ability to recognise URLs for launching games, for those of us who enjoy online flying. All you need to do is when setting up your game, type in the URL instead of the game's executable file. I've also added the ability to disable some of the menu items that appear when you 1st click on Foxy. They are Fox Three (if visible), Fox Two Pro, Fox One and Program Files. To make any of these menu items invisible on the Launcher, then add any of the following lines in the [Launcher] section of the Fox2Pro.ini file.

Delete the lines or change the values to 0 if you want to have them displayed again.

2.) Minor bug - Foxy was writing a text file to your hard disk's root directory called macro.txt. This has now been moved to the installed directory, so neatening up on some housekeeping.

Changes made in version 2.4a from version 2.4

Fixed the bug whereby the favourites couldn't be autoloaded by Foxy.

Changes made in version 2.4 from version 2.3

1.) I've added to Speedy several buttons that allow you to quickly get the correct syntax for various keys. Saves you having to type AUXUAROW etc. or having to go to Korgy to check what they are.
2.) Allowed the use of TAB key in the Editor. I'd like to be able to reduce the tab stop positions so that they don't give default tab positions for a word processor, but at the moment, this isn't proving to be reliable.
3.) Holding the mouse over a macro in the joystick text now shows the macro description on the status bar. Very nice! This can be turned off from the macro menu
4.) Foxy will now remember whether you had the files tiled vertically or not when you closed her down, and will retain that setting when you reopen Foxy.
5.) You now have the option of restoring the previously opened files automatically the next time Foxy starts.
6.) I've changed the Keytester. I've removed all the joystick information from it, because basically that was there before the joystick analyser was written, and there's no point in having it repeated here. Also now you can resize this window, and its position and all of its settings are retained whenever you reload it. Also, you can tell it not to view the key up and key down information, so now it's possible to float the keytester over your joystick file in a tiny window which was one of the suggestions one of you made. So it's now implemented. Good suggestion!
7.) Fixed a bug I saw in the code for the Find and Replace procedure for the macro file.
8.) Fixed a bug I saw when finding a macro from the macro list in the joystick file
9.) Added the ability to be able to rename a macro from the macro list and automatically change it in both joystick and macro files at the same time.
10.) Fixed a bug when copying and pasting in the macro file that was adding a carriage return to the pasted text.
11.) Fixed a bug whereby the toolbar button for calibrate controllers wasn't being disabled, when from the Miscellaneous tab in Preferences, you select Disable Calibrate Controllers menu.
12.) Fixed the bug allowing changes to the macro file when it was protected and theoretically unchangeable.
13.) Fixed a bug whereby the slash modifiers weren't always being inserted with colour highlighting in the macro file.

Changes made in version 2.3 from version 2.2

1.) The bug with the slash modifiers not working correctly in the Custom Layout Editor is fixed.
2.) The bug with the images not being restored to their saved positions in the layout editors is now fixed.
3.) The bug that occurred when removing games from the Preferences games tab resulting in the information for the games becoming corrupted is now fixed.
4.) The bug in the Help file with the incorrect URL link to my new site has been fixed. Several areas have been improved upon/rewritten.
5.) Changes in Korgy: F22PRO owners should note that the correct syntax for KP/ is actually AUX/. Entering KP/ in a file results in a normal / character being generated. I have therefore changed Korgy (in both Fox One and Foxy) accordingly to generate this syntax instead. Also, I've changed KPENT to AUXENT for F22Pro users. I've fixed the bug with the delay button on Korgy generating & signs. This is only a bug in Fox Two Pro and not in Fox One. The RAW codes for the Pause/Break key were incorrect (they're actually incorrect in the Thrustmaster literature. They should be: #E1 #14 #77 #E1 #F0 #14 #F0 #77 - this is now corrected in Korgy, in the Pro and Fox one versions.
6.) The bug whereby macros in the Editor were sometimes incorrectly identified as being present in the joystick file is now fixed. I've rewritten this code so it should be much better. Also, when using the shift key and selecting macros in the macro list to find them in the joystick file, is much better implemented, as again, I've rewritten this code. I've also added this last feature to Fox One. You can now also do this from the keyboard without having to use the mouse.
7.) Improvements to the Preferences Window: On both the Favourites and Games tabs, when selecting joystick/macro files, the open dialogue window now points correctly at your programs directory. Before, it was just pointing to the last selected directory your system had used. On the File Locations tab, the text "Program used to download ..." was cut off along its lower border. A minor bug, so this is fixed. Also, the Browse buttons on this tab now all point correctly to the appropriate directories, apart from that used to select the default programs directory, as I haven't as yet sussed out how to change that. On the File Locations tab, I've changed the Loader text area and the Compiler text area, so that they're now drop down lists. I often switch between different loaders and compilers when sorting out other people's files, and so this makes it much quicker for me to change these, instead of having to browse my hard disk to select different loaders and compilers.
8.) This is a great suggestion from Koh Chye Peng. In Speedy, now when you press the space bar when creating a macroname, Foxy automatically changes it to an underscore character (_) ..... nice one buddy!
9.) In the Custom Layout Editor, when selecting background images, the last directory you were selecting images from is now remembered.
10.) Improvements to the Editor: I've changed the way the Editor handles the newer versions of CTFJ. Now, there's an extra area in Preferences where you can tell Foxy the location of CTFJ. This is a better way of doing this, as now you can install CTFJ anywhere on your system, and you won't need to change the file name to CTFJ.exe as you had to before for Foxy to find it correctly. Also, you can now disable the Calibrate Controllers menu in Foxy (from Preferences) as if you're running the later versions of CTFJ, then you don't want to be calibrating your controllers from this menu item - you must calibrate from within CTFJ. Also I've added the "Wake up joystick" warning to download menu.
11.) I've now incorporated Foxy's Controller Analyser directly into Foxy (the joystick analyser), giving you the choice from Preferences of using it instead of the normal joystick analyser. I've removed all the spike detection stuff as really, it's just gimicky.
12.) In the Composer, I've duplicated the Use No Rudders and Use No Throttle buttons and placed them on the Rudders and Throttle tab as well, as it seems to make sense to be able to insert those statements from those tabs.
13.) I've added the keyboard accelerators F5 and F6 to Fox One's Korgy to replicate the functions of Korgy in Fox Two Pro. These should have been in there from the beginning.
14.) Improvements for the Launcher: Added Fox Three to the menu if it exists in the same directory as Fox2Pro.exe. Added "Wake up joystick" warning to options.
15.) The bug with the slash modifiers not working correctly in the Custom Layout Editor is fixed.

This page was last updated on: Friday 25th February 2000