Your comments on Fox Two and Fox Two Pro   
    Most recent comments are first. And if you'd like to comment on Fox One, Fox Two, Fox Two Pro or how fast your partner is spending your hard earned cash, then just send me an e-mail. These are all genuine e-mails I've received from people I've mananged to bribe, corrupt, blackmail ... errr .... *grin* ...

These are the best of the best ...

241) "I would like to tell you thank you for creating Foxy. I am new to the Thrustmaster controllers, have only owned them for a week now. I have not yet figured out the template or the korgy yet, but I have made a couple of programs using the composer and it is a great setup. Makes it nice when going to do the stick file to be able to see what macros you have and how they are spelled with out having to save and close to open another program. Once I get familiar with my controllers planning on getting either the digital upgrade chips for them or maybe even investing into the new cougar. Thanks again for creating Foxy." David "Northern" Croff

240) "I received the FoxyCD yesterday in mail. Was intact and oh man the amount of stuff on that CD! Takes days to read & browse it all! Thank You VERY much! I am a happy camper here with my DigitalUpgrade F22Pro/TQS and Your DigitalFoxy :) " Christian Tampio

239) "I just wanted to drop you a note that I just received the Fox2 CD in the mail today. Thanks for the prompt shipment and all the wonderfull extras included on the CD. How you managed to acquire such an impressive aircraft library is beyond me and I'm very impressed. I'm now waiting for my digital chips to be sent so I can finally realize the full potential of my 5 year old TM F-16 HOTAS. I have been using Fox 2 Pro and am loving it... you have created a real masterpiece and I thank you for it!" Mark "Stinger" Shepheard

238) "I would like to second the Fox Two software. It's definitely an awesome tool which eases the programming nightmare some have with the TM gear. Fox Two is very easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone!" Madash

237) "Let me tell you, you are a genius! Your program is really a blessing for those who like to tweak their own stick files and often interface with the stick. And the info in your site is very useful and comprehensive." Richard

236) "Wow! What can I say but, WOW! I just installed the digital upgrade for my F22/TQS/RCS and fired up Digital Foxy (which I purchased about the same time, but hadn't yet installed). I'm an old hand-coder for my TM gear, and DF gives me the option "going easy" in the GUI or getting down into the weeds with the RAW codes. Outstanding! All I can say is, TM had better be paying you your weight in gold for the Cougar Foxy! Thanks for a fantastic product!" Mike Assid, Capt, USAF

235) "The software, after reading the help file, was sooo easy to use I rewrote my M22 file JUST so I could use the wizard, and I included/divided all the keys in groups which made them so quick to find and drag into the F22 file. Bloody marvellous! I'd have paid the Ģ20:00 just for the help file, LOL - why can't all help files be that explanatory and funny!" Lee Fisher

234) "I received the CD today. Thank you very much. I also want to say that Digital Foxy is incredible. I have always been a bit intimidated by TM programming (I used to own a CH F-16 FighterStick), but I am intrigued to try out all the advanced programming especially using Bob's Digital Chips. Digital Foxy is the answer. She provides the ease with which to unleash the power of my TM gear! Thanks again... oh, I also enjoy the other goodies in the CD, especially the aircraft pictures!" Iwan Setyawan

233) "Hi...what an excellent program...just wish I had downloaded years ago...thx...saved me loads of time making a b50 file for eurofighter typhoon...and taught me stuff I never knew how to do before...specially useful as not a lot of games come with a b50 file anymore, which you could tweak to your own seemed a little daunting to try to make my own files before....but with Foxy :) thnx again, Bart" Bartdude

232) "I purchased Fox Two Pro from you a while back. I'd just like to say that the program is fantastic. I never had any problems using the TM provided editor etc., but Foxy just makes the whole process so much more enjoyable. Thanks for a pleasant, and very useful piece of software." Robert Towersey

231) "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the time and dedication that you take in working with people regarding your site and other problems as well. There are a few gaming companies out there that could take a few lessons from you on customer service. I don't think I have ever had to wait more than 24 hours for an answer from you. And if the answer was not clear to me you did not have a problem hanging in there until it was finally understood. Anyway thanks again. You and Sticky have probably increased the popularity (not to mention production sales) of high end Thrustmaster equipment for years to come. Between your windows friendly software getting us away from DOS and his digital chips getting us past those crappy potentiometer/ calibration problems - WOW!!!! I have been a thrustmaster fan since my first computer back in 94' when I bought a simple TopGun stick and went forever onward and upward from there. (Dollar wise that is, *heh* .. *heh* .. *heh*) They should be giving you guys some kind of royalties. At least a complete set of the new USB F22 PRO/TQS set ups- HUH!!. I know if I was in Thrustmaster sales your input on any new setups would be well worth the money spent. I can't name the number of times you have been able to get me past a thrustmaster problem. If you have such a section, could you possibly post this message for all those looking into a future of being a Thrustmaster addict to see. I think once they see the kind of support that has been developed by you and stickworks their response would be something like: WOW I'M SOLD WHERE CAN I GET MINE!!!!" Mark "Hogdriver" Smith

230) "Just like to say thanks for a thoroughly excellent program. I ordered Fox 2 Pro late last year (November 2000, I think), but I haven’t had time to try it out earlier. Now, though, I have, and it has opened up a whole new world for as far as Thrustmaster programming goes. I have the F22Pro, F16 TQS and RCS, bought on the same day that I got my machine. Have tried using Notepad and Word, but its still as much a drag as using TM`s crappy editor, if you could call it that. Well, Fox 2 Pro is installed now, and running happily, no problems. I`m writing files for my stick, experimenting with different configurations, and I`m happy as a clam. I`m trying to convert some of my friends to Thrustmaster ­ gear, but they are still convinced that Saitek and Sidewinder with force feedback are the "real thing".. Now, with Your beautiful program, I can program BTN T7 so that pushing it throws me out of low-altitude air 2 ground mode with GBU`s hanging, to air 2 air with vertical-bar auto-acquisition radarmode, designate target, padlock target, AIM9 uncage and..and ... You get the idea. What more can I say? Thank You, Thank You, Thank You." Olav "Cancerman" Gundersen

229) "I recently upgraded my F-22/TQS/RCS to the digital chips. Had to give up on my PDPI card which wouldn't work with digital chips, but joystick port in Diamond Monster MX300 works just fine. What I wanted to comment on is that the "Launcher" that comes with Digital Foxy permits starting a particular sim with just a couple of mouse clicks, and the F22 program loads in a couple of seconds. The result is that the correct stick program is always loaded, and it's quick and simple. Really an improvement, and Dr. Hallows and Mr. Church are to be commended at how well their programs work together. Thanks, guys." Bill Yowell

228) "James' program is the greatest, and making your own files is no biggie. Be careful though with creating these files, you may forget to fly your games ;-)" Dolle Dolf

227) "I got tired of searching the net for TM script files, and finally got into doing my own. I have had Fox2 freeware on my hard drive for some time, and am now using it to learn how to write my scripts. Wow, what a program. It really makes it considerably easier to do this. Many thanks to James Hallows for this great program, and to compliment the digital chips I just ordered I have ordered FoxTwo Pro as well. I am really looking foward to upgrading my setup and using Digital Foxy as well. It's great that folks like James Hallows and Bob Church continue to support these Hotas setups that have been discontinued for some time." Don Burnette

226) "If you are like me and own an FLCS/TQS (or any other TM HOTAS combo) but have neither the time nor willingness to learn the programming skills then Fox Two Pro is definitely the software for you! I'm sure that there are many people out there, who like me own the equipment but rely purely on the files of others to play their flight sims, games etc. While this isn't a bad thing I can appreciate how frustrating it can be looking for the right b.50/m.22 file as I have travelled that road myself. I received my copy of "Fox 2 Pro" (It also contains Digital Fox 2 for those with Bob Church's upgrade") the other day and have been tinkering with it ever since. The software contains "wizards" to help you get started and step by step descriptions of all the commands needed to create anything from the most basic file right up to a complicated files with slash codes everywhere. I am a complete programming novice that has owned an FLCS & TQS for a couple of years and if this software works for me it can work for anyone. This is not a "Sales Pitch" for James Hallows (software author) but merely a form of Thank you for a fantastic piece of software. Thank you James" Mark French

225) "I purchased your lovely work "Digital Foxy" for my SWF22 chip FLCS/TQS/RCS combo. Your *SUPER* program did me a lot of favors Keep it going, buddy. :)" Steffen S.F. Nien

224) "I've just received your message about Foxy Digital's new upgrade. I'd like to thank you again for your incredible talent. I use your jewel very often and I simply love it ..... one last thing, it's a big relief for us TM lovers to know that you're involved in the development of the Hotas 2000 programming software. I know that lots of guys like me wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks again for your great work." Emmanuel Durant

223) "Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I appreciate your Thrustmaster program. I have found it to be easy and powerful to use. And I was happy to see that Guillemot is asking you for help with the new HOTAS 2000! I'm sure that with your input - that will be the stick to upgrade to. Your program worked great in Windows Millenium - so no problems there. Now - combined with my Thrust master setup/Fox Two and Game Commander (Voice software) - I am flying better than ever... Sierra Hotel!" Bob Sunagel

222) "I am very impressed with your program, which has made my life much easier programing my F-22 Pro." Rick Vasquez

221) "One very fine piece of programming! With the newly installed SWF22 digial kit, this is one "kick butt setup". I see why you're buying up all the Thrustmaster stuff you can get your hands on! " Bryon Semann

220) "Hey I got the software, preety snazzey stuff. My sticks dont know what to think, really its never been this easy. :) I wont lie, When I bought these sticks I think it took me 6 months to finally download a file and use them correctly. I was intimidated so I didnt try. But thanks for some great software, I downloaded a f16b50 file and used it last night." Gary L Allen

219) "You and Bob Church have really made a great stick far better than anyone could have thought." Don Leuenberger

218) "Just to let you know I got Foxy today in the mail. I have heard a lot about it and read some of the comments on your web site but I was still surprised and impressed at the professionalism and quality with which it was created and produced. From an experienced Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Java programmer I know the amount of time and energy you need to put into the even smallest utilities and shareware. I can only imagine the number of late night debugging sessions and lines of code needed for something like Foxy. I wish there was a better way to express my thanks (other than by this email and my money) for the software. But I guess it will have to do. I don't think I can wait any longer, I have to go and write a file for Longbow 2." Matt "McBain" Erkkila

217) "Received my Fox Two CD this morning in excellent condition thanks to the good packaging. I must say it is really very professional and puts some commercial software I have purchased in the past to shame.
I took the CD to work so I could have a good look at it (I know naughty of me). I was amazed to find it stuffed full of great content and so well presented too. I loved the pictures by the way, my works PC now has an excellent backdrop. I think the icing on the cake was checking the Comments section to find out what people had to say and finding at the number two slot my comments about the freeware fox program along with my name and handle. That was great, left me grinning like a Cheshire cat for the rest of the day. If I had known I would have sorted out my grammar a bit before sending off the email :)
Down to business, uninstalled the freeware version and installed Digital Foxy, absolutely no problems at all here and ran it up ok on my Pentium II, Win98 (original) system. So this upcoming weekend I'm going to be busy finishing off that basic Comanche v Hokum file I started and having a go with the graphical editor to make a nice joystick guide.
I really can't stress this enough, thank you James for all your hard work and also a thank you to Bob "Sticky" Church for his vision with the digital upgrades. I'm so happy that I can use my HOTAS hardware again and your CD with all the great content is certainly worth every penny." Nicky "Krycek" Tompkins

216) "As my jaw drops open and I start to slobber all over myself, all I can say is WOW..... Why the hell don't you strike a deal with Thrustmaster (or the current owners) to include your software with each stick and/or throttle instead of that stupid DOS crap they continue to distribute? (I am sure you've heard this before, but you really should consider it...) You have created a masterpiece!" Charles W. Mercer

215) "Thanks very much, I have received Digital Foxy recently and am now enjoying the digital upgrades as well as Foxy. They are the best setup ever, period." Jason Koh

214) "I have never got into programming the sticks as I used to find it all too complex and I would rely on other peoples work. I found myself however after about 30 minutes with your freeware Fox Two able to set myself up a fairly basic macro and joystick file for Comanche v Hokum. What can I say? Your program is superb, the wizards are clear and easy to follow and I enjoyed learning about programming my old sticks." Nicky "Krycek" Tompkins

213) "I meant to drop you a note when Digital Foxy arrived, saying how great the install went, etc. but I've just been having so much fun reading the help file! It has to be the only help file I've read all the way through. Your ever useful tips on when to grab a beer and/or snack are perfectly timed and, well... helpful. The REAL problem, though: now I'm having more fun programming the durn sticks than flying the simulations! :-)" David "Sky_King" King

212) "First, I have been a loyal Thrustmaster fan since I was first hooked by the original FCS/WCS & Rudder Pdals. And I've snapped my share of springs to prove it, haha. I just want to say thank you for writing what I think looks like the way Thrustmaster "should" have done it. That's by no means a dig at Thrustmaster, I luv'um, but mainly I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work. I have used computers since, well, day on literally. I've used every incarnation of the PC, starting with the infamous little Sinclair ZX81 with it's whopping 1K of internal memory. My point is that I have on ocassion dabbled in programming and I have an appreciation for the complexity, time and often frustration that goes with a project like this. I've been very dissapointed not being able to use my Thrustmaster gear with new games and especially Windows. They sort of sit there on my shelf haunting me of old days of glory. Well, I've ordered the stickworks chip upgrade so that it will now work with Windows '98 the way it should, digitally. I've also just ordered your Fox Two Professional software to go with this upgrade as well. This setup, and actually how I learned of your awesome software, was very briefly discussed in an article by Dan "Crash" Crenshaw. Thank you for the info, and again, thank you for the awesome software!" Michael "Seeker" Pacicco

211) "I know you're busy but I just wanted to write and say thank you for creating Fox Two Professional. I finally managed to find and purchase an F-22, TQS and RCS but they were severely underutilized until I received your software today. I've played with it for maybe an hour and I have a complete hotas setup exactly how I want it for Falcon 4.0. Thanks again for the outstanding product." James Ney

210) "Just a quick post to thank Bob Church for the chips and James Hallows for Digital Fox Two. Hats off to both you guys. The combination of these make the already powerful TQS/F-22 combination incredibly flexible and reliable. Also, both controllers are solid as a rock, no jitters or spikes (I guess I have been lucky with the pots too!) If Guillemot have any sense they will take notice of what Bob and James have done before they release their new controllers." Paul Stradling

209) "As soon as I was able to get TM working, I set about trying to create my own B50 files. I found as you did, that the C&CC DOS software that comes with the joysticks is woefully inadequate. I got a free copy of CS Commander with EF 2000 and found it to be OK, but not quite what I wanted. I have fairly good knowledge of VB and have recently acquired a copy of VB6.0 I entertained the idea of writing my own program to create the TM text files. I quickly realized that the complexity of the program would require a lot more extra time than I have to give. I am already spending a lot of time on it as it is, and I want to spend more time Sim'ing and less time programming the joysticks. I began to search the net for the answers. When I found your page after a few minutes of searching, I was immediately impressed. Your Web site is beautifully constructed and very user friendly. I was impressed by the Web site, but I was FLOORED by the content. I was immediately frothing at the mouth when I read your description of Fox2Pro. My wife thought I was going crazy (she was right) when I read about Digital Foxy. Then I decided to check out the "StickWorks" and read your article about the Digital Upgrade Chips for TM. Needless to say, I was having a hard time convincing my wife that I wasn't going to hurt myself!! This was an answer to all of the problems that I originally had (as well as some I didn't even know I had) I have just completed my order for Fox2Pro/Digital Foxy as well as the SWF22 Digital Chip Upgrade. If they do even half of what they claim to be able to do, I will recoup all of the stress, and aggravation that the previous 2 years of fighting the TM ACM Game Card have caused. I will be adding your link to my Home Page, because I want to make sure that anyone I want to tell about this wonderful software/hardware product has a way to get there. Keep up the marvelous work!" Scott "Darwin" Fisher Capt USAF, B-1B Weapon Systems Officer

208) "What a superb job you've done!! You've every right to be proud of it!! I'll be recommending it to my buddies." Graham Piper

207) "I really like the digital foxy program, and I'm in the process of converting all of my old CS Commander files to the program and probably will use the old CS Commander 2 CD as a coaster." Leo Marin

206) "I must say sir, that this is a fantastic product. Rarely have I seen in the shareware community, much less the professional development community, both a complete understanding of the buyers needs, and such a complete translation of those needs to product. I for one, am a mighty satisfied user!!! Between you and Bob Church, Thrustmaster should hire ya both!! I am particularly fond of the composer." Eric Joiner, Game Tool Technologies, LLC

205) "Just wanted to say a big thank you for continuing to provide me with the best tool (Digital Foxy now version 3.4) for programing my TM sticks ...the best money I have ever spent on software. Period. I await your future products with great anticipation!" Tom "Sleeper" Lamont

204) "I know you have probably heard this a thousand times, but your software is excellent and I'm glad I stumbled across the link to your web site. I am totally impressed with the level of service you have offered and hope that you sell thousands of more copies of Fox Pro, be it Digital or the Peasant version :) Many thanks." Stephen Nicholas

203) "I can't tell you how grateful I am to you and Bob Church for making my flight simming more fun than I should be allowed to have. I first started with TM because of you and Cowboy(RIP). You guys made messing with the hardware/software almost as much fun as flying. Now with the new chips, which I bought as soon as I read your review, I must get Digital Fox Pro, so I can generate the files myself to match what I have been using. You were right on about the chips. I found a new pilot hiding in my chair!!" S. White

202) "I'm ALMOST speechless. Those that know me realize that's not possible, but Mr Hallows, if we were in a pub, I'd be buying you drinks! I admit that I've been a notepad programmer since I've owned TM, in spite of the fact that I downloaded your Fox program. I never really used it much. But, after installing Bob Church's digital chips, I installed DIGITAL FOXY and decided to see what the program was all about. If TM had had this program 2 years ago, they'd still be in business. It is GREAT! SOOOOOO easy to program with this! And all the "apps" that come with it, such as the joystick analyzer are great tools! After installing the software for the chips, followed by the chips, then your software (all of which was flawless, thanks to TERRIFIC instructions) I, of course, turned on the analyzer just to see if what I'd read was true. OH MY! I've NEVER seen this stick, or any other so PRECISE! Even my fallback Sidewinder Precision Pro (of which I feel it's only redeeming quality is the precision of the optics) wasn't this good! With the CTFJ, the digital chips, the calibration routine in Foxy (EXCELLENT IDEA!) well, that is what almost has me speechless. This kind of precision is just what I thought I'd bought 3 years ago when I bought my F16FLCSLE, TQS, and RCS. (The f16flcs was updated via TM chips to an F22 over a year ago, and my rudders are now the ELITE). Heck, I went into the multiplayer game and just flew around! Enjoyed the absolutely perfect control so much I didn't even want to shoot anyone down! Oh, and my TQS now steps the throttle settings PERFECTLY! THOSE SPIKES are indeed GONE! Thank you very much for your help and your program!" Tracy (AKA General Trilogy Storm Company Elite)

201) "What a f....... excellent, unbelievable, great but yet so very simple to understand piece of software you wrote buddy. I'm discovering more every day and I blame you for your program that's preventing me from flying I'm enjoying using it so much! I raise my glass of wine to your health.........GEIA MAS James. It was a great pleasure to meet you personally in Athens." Panos Iliopoulos

200) "Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Digital Foxy is amazing. I wish I could go back to when I first got my Thrustmaster gear and buy Fox 2 Pro then, it would have saved me so many headaches. Thanks for the great program!" Jeremy Malheim


198) "I just received Digital Foxy (thanks for airmail!) - excellent product - well worth the money. Allows dummies like me to produce files for an otherwise top notch hotas. Cheers." Brian"Kevlar"Grasswick

197) "Oh great TM gods....I pay homage to you both! Bob, between your FANTASTIC digital chips, and James, your MOST EXCELLENT Digital Foxy......I don't know what to say, but THANK YOU! Fantastic job. I can finally enjoy my controllers the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Please keep up the great work. " Warren "Condor36" Soeldner

196) "First off, I would like to thankyou both for the excellent work you have put in on creating the newest incarnation of Fox Two and of course the Digital chips. I have just installed my chips and Digital Foxy ....... AND I'M IN HEAVEN!!!!! .... :-) All I can say is that the ease of programming and the smoothness of the stick/throttle are beyond my wildest expectations ..... THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU :-)" Alan "Cougar" Gray

195) "Hi there right back at ya' buddy! As I said in an e-mail before I was going to send you a bit of feedback, good or bad about "Foxy" when I've used it for a while. Then something happened ..... namely Bob "Sticky" Church digital upgrade chips which I by the way found out about via your much appreciated "news letter" e-mail. And soon followed your upgrade to Digital Foxy. So, I had to try out the new stuff for another while, but now I'm ready to give my verdict: Well, digital foxy and the SWF22 chips. WHAT a combination! Foxy is a real lady. Not as beautiful as your Kay, but still it's a match made in heaven as it were. It's a "splash" and the competition is a smokin' hole in the ground! I've got nothing but respect for you guy's. You've created the best combination of hardware and software I've ever had the privilege of trying (with a little contribution from Thrustmaster ;)." Nils-Ivar "nice" Holmgren

194) "Got the new program (Digital Foxy) up and running and I must say I thoroughly enjoy the interface." Glenn Romualdo

193) "I recently received your Digital Foxy application along with the R. Church's Digital Chips for my FLCS/TQS/RCS setup. I've been programming computers for about 17 years now and am currently a Software Project Manager for one of the Johnson & Johnson companies. Part of my job is managing developers in various software projects. Therefore, I have had the opportunity to work with dozens of applications at all stages of development. I just wanted to let you know that this application is probably the most well done, thorough and professional application I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Just 5 minutes with it shows the tremendous amount of care and meticulous detail put into it. It is clearly a labor of love. I am extremely impressed with the app, both in its excellent UI and its overall design. Obviously it goes without saying that programming my TM sticks is now a complete breeze." Alex Florin

192) "I received my package from you in the mail today. Program installed and works flawlessly. Haven't decided which is more fun -- programming Bob's new chips with your software or actually flying the sims now that the jitters are gone :) Anyway, thanks for a professional product." Pete Hunter

191) "I couldn't resist the temptation to express my deepest awe with Digital Foxy. I find myself spending more time with creating and tweaking perfectly looking custom layouts and joystick files than playing flight sims themselves. Not because it's difficult (on the contrary!) but because program is so powerful and is truly work of art. I know you get a lot of responses like that but I just wanted to get it off my chest. I think if sim programmers had even 1/10th of your love to what they are doing we would be living in heaven." Dmitry Kan

190) ". I've been using your freeware version of Fox Two and just wanted to let you know that you are a Thrustmaster user's savior. I've been using TM sticks and throttles since the FCS and WCS2 (including RCS) and I still recall using the DOS interface that came along with the original product. Every programming effort took the better part of a weekend to write, debug and refine. Your GUI interface has made it fun to program these peripherals again." Mari Hidalgo

189) "Thanks for the great work you've been doing with Fox Two the past few years. It's the only way to program TM gear :)" Gwen de Lucero

188) "I used the freeware for quite a while and have finally sprung for the Digital Fox 2 Pro release. It's worth every penny. Just do it. It's less than purchasing a sim and you'll use it longer with free upgrades for life. This is great software." Christopher "Ambulater" Lee

187) "I have been using Digital Foxy for nearly a week now. It's excellent. Well worth buying. FWIW I hated the old C&CC editor. Digital Foxy is a snap to use in comparison." Sean Tudor

186) "I am very impressed about the way you do business via the Internet. Quick, correct and clear." Hans van Hout

185) "Your conscientious approach to the world of commerce is without parallel in my experience. I can't thank you enough for restoring my faith in free enterprise. (Kudos also for the product itself. I would be helpless without it!)" Terry Mullen

184) "Bob's chips arrived from Nevada (3 days (!!!!)). Bought proper Phillips screwdriver and finally removed screws from F22 (that's taken 18 months). Changed chips over, & installed Bob's software (10 minutes). Installed Digital Fox Two Pro - like a dream, so fast I blinked and missed it. Calibrated the F22/TQS/Elite rudders, and discovered you can set them up so you only need a weeny little movement of the stick to fling the Viper all over the place - which is just as well given my little hands and feeble musculature IT ALL WORKED! - and what's more everything is totally rock steady. The particularly brilliant thing is that because of the spiking I got previously - this is a terrible confession coming up - and the fact I couldn't be arsed to do your pot cleaning routine (not having Phillips screwdriver contributing to this state of indolence) I let the TM gear gather dust and used my horrid little Sidewinder. Now I realise how easy it is, I'm merrily writing usaf.f22 and usaf.m22 files using your templates and composer - and its fun. (OK that's 2 confessions, flying USAF being the second - but its so pretty. Why do I feel like I'm cheating on Falcon4 though?) So, in summary, its brilliant, and I can't say thanks to you and to Bob for transforming the whole business." Alan Hart

183) "I just got my digital Foxy CD in the mail yesterday. Great packaging and great content! I'm really enjoying all the images on the CD and the tutorials. I have to say it's so much more than I was expecting. The CD is so professional it looks like it was done by a multi-million dollar software producer/distributor instead of a dentist :-) Thanks for getting the digital version out to us early via download and an even greater thanks for the awesome CD." C. Lee

182) "I got my Digital Foxy yesterday, and I have to tell you it's worth every penny I paid for it. Especially the layout editor, very slick indeed. I'm making layouts for my sticks and converting them over to work with Bob's chips. I'm having so much fun with Foxy I might just give up simming and stick with Digital Foxy. It's that much fun!" Roderick Pommier

181) "I am really thankful that you find the time to share with us your creative thoughts. Programming my HOTAS (FLCS+TQS+rudders) is easy and fun to do. Great!" Vincent Veenstra

180) "Absolutely well done, James! I am quite impressed with your level of expertise as well as your continuing commitment to the community. The new digital sticks with your Digital Fox 2 Pro are simply the finest available!" Marc Bernard

179) "Let me compliment you for creating what really is a diamond in the crown of TM programming utilities. I've downloaded the Freeware version of Fox Two, and so far I have been absolutely happy with it. Thanks a lot for this masterpiece!" huMMer

178) "I must commend you for developing this excellent app. Every Thrustmaster user should have a copy." John Wiseman

177) "I've been wanting to thank you for your work with Fox Two and TM gear. I've had Fox Two for more than a year, but since since the death of Cowboy last summer, I have been relying on Fox Two to help me learn to make files that are pretty complex and just as I want them. I simply testify to what others have said: this is a good way to learn TM programming. Your help files especially are great -- the reference bible, really, on TM gear. So thank you!" Lawrence Manley

176) "Thanks again for such a great program (Fox Two Pro), it's by far the best programming method I've used for my Thrustmaster setup to date." David Miracky

175) "Fox Two Pro is superb" Ulf Øystein Larsen

174) "Just a quick thank you - what for, do I hear you ask? Since getting some TM gear earlier this year I've found Foxy invaluable for getting the best out of it. Also I just recently developed a case of the spiking pots (ouch) and after spraying WD-40 into them as recommended on the TM website and not being entirely happy with the results, I took the plunge and followed your FAQ on cleaning them out. I'm glad I did, the response is perfect now and no amount of WD-40 spraying was going to get rid of the crap I found in them. Good job you didn't include a file on dentistry, we'd all be at our own teeth with pliers and screwdrivers by now!" Graham Watkins

173) "I have an F22 joystick, TQS throttle and RCS pedals. Fox Two has made it very easy to program the F22 and TQS. The old DOS editor is very tricky to handle. Fox Two has not only taught me to program the F22 and TQS properly, it has helped me to fix a problem with the throttle. I just read the help files and followed your instructions and it worked just fine. Fox 2 is easy to program. It helps the user to understand all the programming commands so he can enjoy Thrustmasters fine flight controllers (and he will be a very happy person). And it looks just great!!!!" Ulf Herrmann

172) "I haven't been able to use my TM gear for a while now, but you two (Bob Church and yours truly) are the BEST! You guys have provided a value far and beyond anything I could ever hope to see out of a major software or hardware developer, and thanks to your efforts with the digital sticks, you'll save me even more in upgraded hardware costs. Fabulous work!" Bruce Levy

171) "Thanks again for a wonderful product, (Fox Two Pro) it has really made programming my gear much easier." David Miracky

170) "This is great! I love this thing. No more text file headaches, and this has actually taught me how to use the joystick better." Dale Hayward

169) "By the way, I had given up on my Thrustmaster Products and gone to a Saitek set until I got Fox Two Pro loaded. I am now back to my F22/TQS combo and LOVING it thanks to you!! Thanks much." Steve LeMay

168) "Thanks for your excellent site and program! I have only recently become aware of your extraordinary program." Fredrik Moen

167) "This piece of software makes it damn easy to get the best out of your Thrustmaster equipment. Iīve been using those sticks for a couple of years now. I started with a PFCS many years ago and finally arrived at my present F22/TQS/Elite/ACM-Card setup after flying nearly every stick that was available from TM (F-16 FLCS, WCS II and so on; even tested the Attack Throttle with a TOP GUN Platinum being a little bit disappointed; but thatīs another story...). I want to say "Thank You" to all those people all around the world who share their experiences they made with Thrustmaster equipment with all the others who are starting using it, or having problems with setup and programming. Thatīs what itīs all about. After all flying sims is still a game. And playing a game should be fun. No one has ever said that writing a file for your Thrustmaster HOTAS setup is done in a couple of minutes. But after itīs done you get more fun out of your system and sims than any other product could even offer you. Isnīt it cool to see how everything works perfectly in your HOTAS system after having it programmed with FOX 2? And if even writing the files for your throttle and stick is fun, what more could you ask for?" Michael Koehnlein

And in another e-mail from him ... (I really like this guy!) ....

As it turned public that ThrustMaster has sold his gamecontroller-business to the Guillemot company some people went crazy here in Germany. Especially me! I have been using Thrustmaster sticks since I first started flying sims. I was using a F-16 FLCS and a WCS II for several years now. Because the F-22 Pro and the TQS seemed a little bit too expensive I didnīt change for them. But now you have to be afraid, that they wonīt be available much longer. So I got me the complete set including the pedals. This was not so easy because almost every store in Germany was out of stock, because of the company being sold. But after 3 weeks of searching I finally got them.

Many of my friends are using CH and Saitek stuff. They laughed at me and said I should have finally purchased some serious equipment and not again such a "impossible to program type of shit". Others said a stick at 290.- DM should have at least a set of pots working precisely. I did never know so much idiots are living in my neighbourhood. First of all, they didnīt even know what they were talking about. As some of them visited me they were at once impressed by the stickīs weight and looks. Maybe they havenīt ever seen one "in natura". As they tested it with Falcon 4.0 the smile didnīt go away from their faces anymore. Now it comes to J.C.Hallows. How was this possible???

I donīt think that other products, like CH or Saitek are poor stuff. For example I was really impressed when I tested the SunCom SFS. Cool look, nice functions. But nothing ever reached Thrustmaster sticks. Having prepared the pots in my F-22 like explained on your pages I havenīt ever noticed any spiking or unprecise movement even after hours of flying. Because I did it right out of the box, I really donīt know what everyoneīs talking about. Besides that, it was no big job either. After showing my friends a little bit of Fox 2, they were amazed at how easy it can be, to set up even very big files for a HOTAS system. After some hours of test&fly, CH and Saitek wasnīt so good anymore. Some of them are thinking about changing for Thrustmaster equipment. Now Iīm the one to laugh, because with your help I proofed them wrong and they can spend a while waiting for their Thrustmaster sticks, getting already frustrated, because in Germany everyone is already out of stock. HeHeHe....

Iīm looking forward to puchasing Fox 2 Pro (with a Pro stick you have to use the Pro software...). And maybe in the future the Thrustmaster sticks are delivered already with your software. But then no one would use anything else than Thrustmaster, and we would no longer have something much better than the others. And after all itīs always good to have that little advantage, isnīt it? I want to thank you very much for those good hints on the equipment and this extraterrestrial piece of software. After Falcon 4.0 itīs the one I like the best! Keep up the good work!
166) "Way 2 Go on the FoxTwo program. I've used both tutorials, and they are so completely clear and precise. Nice to see someone out there with a level headed approach to programming for the FLCS/TQS combo." Shayne Spackman

165) "But first let me say that your fox 2 software kicks ass! My congratulations to you, and my sincerest gratitude on doing flight sim gamers a very big service by creating such way cool software. You're a legend. Keep up the great work!" Liam Linstid

164) "I downloaded your 2.1 version and I must say what a tremendous product. I am a beginner with Thrustmaster programming and with this product I have become even more excited to learn the details. Thank you very much and looking forward to becoming familiar with this version so I then can order the professional version." Kenton Van Wyngarden

163) "Thanks very much first for this fine piece of software named Fox Two, which 'made a dream come true' for me!" Jochen Adam

162) "Let me add a thanks for all your hard work on Fox Two. I've only been a TM user for 3 days and because of the great help documentation in Fox Two I've been able to build my own macro and joystick files already. Previously I was pretty confused as to exactly how TM gear was programmed. Great work!" Coug

161) "First I used your TM FAQ....which is very good. Then, last night I downloaded Fox Two. Of course, it looked quite complex compared to 'notepad'.. Mainly I have used 'Korgy'! I had been trying unsuccessfuly to get two commands using the 'alt' button to work. I am amazed at how quickly 'Korgy' solved problems that I had spent hours on. Thanks!" Steve Bergeron

160) "Fox Two is very very good - Thank You! Congratulations! Fox two is the best TM app." Enrique Martinez

159) "Howdy. Thanks to your website help, I was finally able to get my F22 Pro operating flawlessly with my L4 digitial gameport By the way, Fox Two is a masterpiece! I've had an F22 for quite a while, but I never new how to program it - standard stupid pilot (I know how to fly it, but I don't really know how anything works!) Now I actually use Falcon 4.0 to prepare for sorties I'm flying the following day. Which means that you and Fox Two are actually helping to defend our country!" Lt Derek "Coma" O'Malley F-16 pilot, 389th Fighter Squadron, Mt Home AFB

158) "Thank you for your help. I downloaded Fox Two and set up my controls. Started using your program and got instantly hooked. LOVE IT." James Cohee

157) "Hey James, just installed Fox Two. So far, so good, and although I know I promised to stop asking questions, I'd just like to say that I love the British humo(u)r. It really helps brighten up the App. Perhaps Microsoft should get your help on their next iteration of Windows programs....... ;-)" Kevin Harkins

156) "I wanted to thank you for Fox Two Pro - it's made a gamer's life so much easier. I've used it for about a year and can't remember how I programmed without it." Jon Smith

155) "Just used your software to program my gear for Fly! and have to thank you once again. It was, as always, a breeze to get up and running." Tareq A. Hassan

154) "This program ROCKS!! It's really funny...whenever I used to use CSCommander, I would never be able to get exactly what I wanted and I would shut it down and use NOTEPAD!!! The problems I had with CSCommander was just the straw that broke the camels back. Your program is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I am currently only using the standard Fox 2 but am going to be upgrading to Professional...I think that the joystick printout option is phenominal. Thanks again for your efforts into this remarkable program. I also appreciate the humor you have "hidden" into Fox 2. It really makes programming my F22 a blast!! " Tiggs

153) "How do I thank you - let me count the ways. I'm a new user to TM having just converted from CH. I just got my TQS and am awaiting my F22. Your FAQ has undoubtedly saved me hours of frustration once I get them all connected. While I still anticipate some problems (what would computers be without problems??), your tutorial is fabulous. Thanks from a new TM user." Fred Roller

152) "Thanks mate! For sometime I have in vain asked Thrustmaster about when they would produce a programme compatible with Win95/98 and received automated responses to my questions. I again tried out of sheer fustration and was thankful that Paul Hargreaves of TM directed me to your Fox Two page. At last I can now programme my thrustmaster in an intergratable system without having to box Dos and fight windows as well. I have had a WCSII, PFCS, RCS for over 5 years and I am very fond of them. The only downside was programing in Dos, thanks to you mate, I can do it easily from Win98. You are a legend! I can foresee myself purchasing the Fox Two Pro not only because it is probably better, but also out of appreciation for what you have done. It's so user or in my case "loser" friendly to use!. A big thanks from down under!" Ken "lace" Leacy

151) "I just wanted to drop you a line and say, thanks for Fox Two. I am a combat-simmer like you and about 1 1/2 years ago I got the TM gear (F22pro/TQS). But let me tell you..I am not one who does file editing at all, so I was one of those types of people that would have to wait until someone made up the TM files (i.e.) Cowboy for the latest sims. And to be quite honest I was very intimidated to try. I downloaded your Fox2 awhile back and just recently I tried changing a games files with NO success... but I kept at it and I found that I actually made up a couple of file changes that worked in the game ;) WOW, so as I got into using your software I realized that I have got to get the Pro version and start getting to know how to make my own files and more importantly I wanted to say thanks for putting your program on the web for people like me." James "Crosshairs" Jakubowski

150) "I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for putting your Fox Two on the net. I have had my Thrustmaster F-16 FCLS and Mk2 WCS for some time and had grown so frustrated with the programming that I was considering getting rid of what otherwise is the best brand of joysticks ever made. Your program has changed that completely. Today I created a set of files for Janes WWII Fighters in 1 hour (and that is trying your program for the first time). Normally, I would have needed a day or two to debug such a creation of mine. Your system is Awesome!!!!!!! Again, thanks so much." A.D. Brinker

149) "Fox Two Professional is first rate in concept and application." Darcy Hildebrand

148) "Congrats on the new improved Foxy (Pro version 2.4), just beautiful, a joy to behold." Roger Morris

147) "I have been using Thrustmaster HOTAS systems since 1991. Prior to ordering your interface I was using CS Commander which was worlds better than Thrustmasters text interface system but still had its limitations. I consider "Fox Two Pro" to be an excellent product and could not be more pleased with its features, capabilities, and ease of use. Thank you for making my Thrustmaster programming experience a delightful one. One Very Satisfied Customer" Chris Bell

146) "Hello there ... I just wanted to thank you for creating Fox2 and allowing me to get onto using my F22 without any more programming headaches. This is a great piece of work and I am so very glad I downloaded Fox2 for my use. I was on the verge of returning the F22 due to the difficulties I was having creating my own macros and stick files, but your program was a gem to use. Now I've cast aside my old CH Fighterstick and Saitek X36 and enjoy the brute that is the F22." Peter Schenck

145) "I have been looking for software like yours for YEARS! YOU are the man! I like both Fox 2 AND your warped sense of humor. Please keep up the good work." John Swan

144) "Your Thrustmaster FAQ's have made a positive impact to questions I have had about TM setup, and your web page design and product information about "Foxy" is the best! Fox Two Pro is the greatest!" Austin Lippitt

143) "Received the CD yesterday!!! It is FANTASTIC, very professional!!! I wish all of the programs I buy, were this professionally done....It's like some of these companies get BIG, and the customer service, just disappears...I love your layout......Very well done...But, what gets me, is where do you find the time? Much thanks..." Greg Lehman

142) "I am new to the F22 Pro...150 bucks for a joystick! But I love Flight Sims so I took the plunge... I was ready to box it up and send it back... DOS interface that didn't work had to upgrade... Then I found FOX2! I decided to give it one more try... I was able to set up Janes F15 and truly saw the power of this new stick. If it wasn't for your program I would have missed out on a fine joystick. From one programmer to the next your interface is very complete...My hats off to you...Great Job!" Chris Townsend

141.) "Your program helped me straighten out a file that I have been working on for 3 months with the Thrustmaster program and I did it in 2 hours with yours. You saved me a lot of headache and time. Thanks again and keep up the killer programs." Brian Mann

140.) "As I slowly pick my jaw up off the carpet. I am still in complete shock over what you have created!!!!!! I have spent hours learning how to program my FLCS/TQS in the C&CC and enjoyed every moment of it, even the hair pulling programing sessions. But this is truly amazing! Your work has made my programing creation so easy and fun, there was no way I couldn't type and say, THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!" Jim Simms

139.) "Once again I want to thank you for such a great product. You have made my flight sim experience awesome. I went out and bought the Thrustmaster setup and did not now that it was so hard to program, but thanks to your software it's a snap." Terry Sharpe

138.) "Hello James, I am a recent new user of Fox 2. First I would like to thank you for taking the time to write such an outstanding program. I am still discovering all the ins and outs of the program, but I have written two F-22 joystick programs already. I used the wizard feature and that helped get me started. Well thanks again" Clifford Smith

137.) "Let me tell you, after spending many hours programming my FLCS/TQS ,just prior to throwing them away, I got in touch with your programming tool. Now using this I can spend my time flying instead of programming. I tried out "WinStick" and "Commander" as well. Thankyou!!!" Rainer Henke

136.) "I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I was on the verge of taking back my Thrustmaster F22 Pro, being that it drifted and spiked like crazy. No matter how many calibrations I used, no matter how many other troubleshooting guides I've read. Then, in a last ditch effort before ejecting, I found your article. "What the hell" I said. I'll give this one more shot. After following your guide very closely, I ended up cleaning the potentiometers. With the aid of Fox's program, I could see that when I was done cleaning (and resoldering, because I broke two of the wires off the pot! ;) ) the spiking had gone. I put the stick back together, and still a little apprehensively fired up Falcon 4. I have a Pentium II 450, with a Voodoo2 SLI configuration, with 128 MB of ram. And now, thanks to your article, am probably the happiest "Pilot" around!!!!! It works PERFECTLY! NO drift, NO spiking! Refueling and landing is a snap! Just point the aircraft's nose in the direction you want to go, and the plane flies itself! Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for writing such a great article, and putting me back in the air, where I belong." Ray "FireStorm" Anderson

135.) "I too have used Thrustmaster products for quite some time and have wished there was an easier way to put joystick files together. I'd experimented with limited success using standard over the shelf products then purchased a program called CS Commander 2. That program offered an easier interface to use then the stock thrustmaster interface, but was more complicated. In the end, I wasn't all that impressed with CS Commander 2. Then I downloaded your program: it's fantastic. The interface, program operation, toolbar, everything seems to be straight to the point, and very easy to use. Some tasks of programming a joystick will always need the human element and you have succeeded in integrating human and electronic together very well. Since Fox 2's install, the program has been flawless. Fox 2 is a great program that should be on any stick programmers desktop. Thanks. " Eric D. Block

134.) "I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy using Fox2" Don "Sandman" Hammack

133.) "James, this is the best! I have spent $24.95 (US) on Commander and yours beats it hands down." TGPAPA

132.) "Just a quick mail to say thanks. I recieved the CD last night - all I can say is wow!! I was very impressed by the way everything was put together and I love the plane pics you have suppled on the CD. Thanks for a great application well worth Ģ25 :)" Bob Hall

131.) "James -- thanks for creating this program.  It is a much nicer interface for programming than the DOS programs that come with the ThrustMaster sticks (although I have been using those for about 10 years, so am quite used to them).  I especially appreciate the left hand window listing all the macros, the ability to show subsets of them, and an indication of whether they have been used.  This is useful as the sims get more complex and have more commands, and as the joystick files get longer and more cumbersome as a result.  In answer to the questions in your "read me" file, the install went very smoothly and I am running Windows 98. By the way, I think your FAQ will be quite helpful for people who are new to TM gear." Jay Mirasol

130.) "I think you've done an excellent job with this program......the program is extremely comprehensive." John Chesebro

129.) " Heard about your program from (outstanding WEB site), and just had to try it.  Wow so far I like it, and I've barely scratched the surface.  I've had TM gear for a number of years and used their DOS programs, not pretty but it worked, taught it to myself, it took quite a while to get the hang of it. Used Fox 2 modifying a F22 ADF file to use with F22 TAW and made some key changes to my liking, with more to follow. Also used the Key Test, and load Fav option, worked like a charm. Thank you for an excellent Program!!!" Capt. Phil "WalknBos" McCarthy // USAF

128.) "Let me say something about Fox Two: It just works great! It`s easy to use and exactly what I was looking for to program my FLCS. I already tried other programs like Fox Two (game commander, cs commander). But forget them. Fox Two has the features other programs dream about." Harald Reiser

127.) "I've just downloaded your Fox 2 product and I'm very impressed.  The download went smooth and the program runs great." Jim Dante

126.) "Congratulations for your good fox program. After surfing the net I found yours and I think is better then all the rest." Miguel Lasa

125.) "I’ve been in the software business for many years and can thus appreciate the effort that underlies Fox2. In addition to this effort, the very nice job you have done in balancing between the use of graphics and text, has produced a result that can easily stand with any commercial product in terms of design and execution ...... thanks for this gift to the gamming community." George Woodmansee

124.) "I wanted to inform you that I have downloaded Fox Two last week and that install went smoothly (Win 98). No problems at all. Furthermore I'd like to comment that this program is a joy to use (certainly in combination with Winload). I've never bothered with programming the F22 much, because I hated the TM programming tool (and I just wasn't patient enough to get to grips with the GUI-programming tools that are around). I never bothered to try Fox Two because I thought that one wasn't really helpful if you weren't an advanced user... Anyway, I was entirely wrong; even for a beginner like me programming with Fox Two is simple and even fun! I find myself editing my new EAW file all the time.. Well James, have I praised you enough yet? ;) Thanks, and keep up the good work!" Richard Nathans

123.) "I wanted to let you know that I downloaded 'Fox 2' from the Thrustmaster website and installed it successfully. I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far in the package.  I've been thinking about doing something similar as an exercise in write C++ code but I don't think I'd be able to come close to what you've done. Thanks for your efforts, very impressive." Bruce Moss

122.) "Firstly, thanks very much for your excellent software.  I recently decided to add some lines to the TM files that came with Falcon 4. Having tried to program before, I was terrified.  Fox 2 made it an effortless affair.  I didn't even read the instruction!" Tareq A. Hassan

121.) "Damn fine piece of work this - many congrats.  Having got fed up with TM's C&CC I was considering writing my own - similar - GUI for TM products until I downloaded Fox2.  Now I don't think I'll bother.  I especially like Korgy :-)" Alex Hayman-Joyce

120.) "Just a quick note to thank you for a superb product." Jason Boydell

119.) "For a long time, I was a TM user on my Macintosh (which incidentally, TM's own software on the Mac is straightforward and easy - why is the PC's version so arcane?!?) -  when i bought a PC i didn't hesitate to buy TM gear again. I thought the TM horror stories were written by wimps who had no business using computers ;). Needless to say, without Fox2 it is... challenging at best. After hearing about your app from a friend, I downloaded it - and within 20-30 minutes i had hacked up a decent script and was up and flying. 2 Weeks later, i've really learned how to make these things sing. Thank you SO much for this wonderful utility - you really undersell it when you describe it as a "glorified text editor"." Thorn

118.) "Hi James, finally I found what I was looking for ! Fox Two 1.2a. Thank you very much again, really a great job ;-)" Gino Pastorutti

117.) "You really should be awarded some kind of medal for your work on the "Thrustmaster problem". You through what must have been a considerable effort have single handedly made all of the Thrustmaster users finally get what they paid for. Thrustmaster should have an idol of you placed upon a marble pedestal in their board room. I also enjoy reading the articles that you post on your site.  Please keep up the good work." Brad "mad dog" Walsh

116.) "CD arrived safely too and I want to thank you a bunch for such a golden prog! I do greatly enjoy working with Fox PRO; this prog really shines in ALL spots. You've just included more than my heart's content, so I want to thank you very much on all your work and a whole new editor/ThrustMaster experience. This is definetely an all time keeper on this and all future HDD's to come! :-) Again, great job! Many thanks." Andre Frey

115.) "First off, you've done a fanTAStic job on Fox Two Pro!  Absolutely incredible.  I have no idea where you get the time to do all of these things.  Are there two of you??" Mark J. Cintala

114.) "I have to tell you not only was Fox Two a piece of cake to install, it is also the best GUI I have ever used with the TM products I own (F16 FLCS & WCS MK-2).  I used Winstick in the past, but that does not compare to your product.  Thanks!" Robert DeMiguel

113.) "I'd like to say you're a genius. To say anything else would simply understate the magnificent job you did on Fox Two Pro." Bill Probert

112.) "I got Fox Two Pro only a week ago but I felt I had to write to talk an electronic hat off to you! I had high expectations after reading the review and your own right up. I have the orginal version which I liked.

None of these do justice to the beauty and depth of Foxy! Wow a programing tour de force! You not only have just about everything covered but even the documentation, CD and supporting elements are so deep that it is hard to believe it could be done with out a room full of coke swilling programers!

I fly in AirWarrior with a squad called the Damned which is Ten years old and you can believe they know about Foxy now! I used to program to play games but with Foxy I play games so I can program them! LOL! I am even looking to move from the FLCS and WCS to the TQS and 22 just so I can program more stuff into them! " Dean "Dive" Graham

111.) "Fox Two is great! Easy to use and great fun. I'm having as much fun playing around with the programming of the stick as I am using it." Rob Barraclough

110.) "... quite impressed with intuitive approach and ease of use. You have done a splendid job, sir! " Colonel Morris S. Lovette

109.) "Fox2Pro is one of the best buys I ever made ! It is excellent." Pat King

108.) " I've been using Fox 2 for the last two months on a casual basis and quite heavily for the last week and a half. The install went without a hitch on my P200 AST 816 computer and the new custom built computer for my flight simulator. The longer I use Fox 2 the more I have grown to appreciate the effort on your part for such a great programing editor and agree with others that Thrustmaster should license this program and supply it with their hardware. I've tried all the other programs both comercial and shareware, none even come close to the ease of use or the integrated interface of multiple applications you've programed into Fox 2.    

I haven't found a thing yet that I would change and can't think of anything you've forgoten in this program. Thanks again and keep up the great work, your efforts have made my simulated flying much more enjoyable." Larry D. Caulkins

107.) "Thank you very much, I've received Foxy Pro and installed it. Beautiful, almost human. In your help files, it shows a great deal of care - I mean it is as if you make sure there is no pain in understanding or grasping the intricacies of the programming for the F22. I've learned more in the last few days then ever since I bought my F22 a year ago." Jean-Pierre Cormier

106.) "Fox Two Pro is a great program! You have done a really remarkable job of programming. The CD is great and well worth the cost. Many thanks!" Bill Richardson

105.) "Love your Masterpiece" Hector Garcia

104.) "Today I received Your Fox Two Pro. It would take too long to explain how I`m impressed about this product. I can only say: 'Thank You James for creating such a MASTERPIECE'." Jure Cimzar

103.) "That was quick! My Foxy CD arrived Thursday and I've been "playing" with it since, and I must classify your achievement as a masterpiece." Anders Bernemalm

102.) "Thank you for a great product!!!" Rufus Parson

101.) "I simply have to agree to the opinion of the combatsim-people. What you have achieved with Fox2Pro is simply marvelous." Harald Seisenbacher

100.) "That review on combatsim was excellent. What a wonderfully thorough review. You have made it buddy. An impressive accomplishment for all of your hard work. I can tell that you did the job of about 4 full time programmers to get this project out the door. Simply amazing. Congratulations!" Bill "Cowboy" Wilson

99.) "It looks like one heck of a program and I'd like to congratulate you on a job well done.  In fact, you've done a hell of a job.  I write Windows software for a living and a lot of the commercial stuff I see doesn't approach the care and detail you put into doing this app.  Congratulations and it's been a pleasure doing business with you." Frank Perreault

98.) "I just wanted to personally thank you for your program.  I love it." Danny Craigie

97.) "Fox Pro is a brilliant programme. Regards and once again congratulations on a wonderful program." Robin Sproul-Bolton

96.) "I just wanted to drop you a note and say how much your program has SAVED my life and made me a believer in......

No, really. I have been nothing other than totally disappointed everytime I try and match up my Thrustmaster(r) joysticks with new sims that I purchase. I have programmed my own files and have been thoroughly disgusted at how difficult it has been (the "practice-makes-perect" philosophy still hasn't sunk in...). I have taken the (stupid) route of buying other joysticks in hopes that they are easier to use (Suncom SFS, Suncom Talon, CH ProThrottle, every joystick  TM makes except for the F22 since I have the F-16 FLCS, Gravis Phoenix...) but reached a new level of frustration when I recently purchased the SFS Throttle (it looked TOO neat) and lugged it all the way back from the U.S. to here (Indonesia) and couldn't get the bloody thing to work.

Your program is one of the most thoroughly thought-out and intuitive that I have ever seen! Even though I found out that the reason why I had been getting an error message every time I tried to upload a .b50 file is because I didn't have the new uploader for PII machines, I find now that I actually look forward to programming my own files!

Thanks again for the great program! I have had no troubles thusfar and am having fun just finding out all that it does." David Pawlan

95.) "I love Fox Two Pro.  You have done a great job on this program.  It is far and away the best app out there for our beloved TM products.  I dont see where you get the time to do all the things you are doing. Thank you for such a SWEET program!" S. Michael Derdeyn

94.) "Great piece of software, it even inspired me to finally fix my PC back together permanently after four months. I'm ready for some serious flight simming again!" Paul Stradling

93.) "This is a fine piece of work, and well worth the price of admission." Grant Page

92.) "... you have written an excellent piece of software." Mark Millage

91.) "... first impressions (Fox Two Pro) are very favourable. You have obviously given a lot of thought and time to the presentation - it all looks very slick and impressive - with of course the great sense of humour (the font example text made me laugh). I have printed out my first graphic and have been sat in front of the TV mulling over improving the F15 HOTAS." Dave Phillips

90.) " ... from what I've seen on the CD-ROM so far, there's only one thing I can say : Waow !! This is going to be any serious simmer's dream come true. Are you sure you want to be a doctor? This is a major breakthrough and I'll be damned if you don't make a fortune out of this. Thanks again for this excellent application. It's a dream come true." Emmanuel Durant

89.) " I installed Foxy on my Win95 machine without any problems, and have been very pleased ever since.  Thanks to the tutorial you have set up, as well as the wizard, I've been able to learn how to program my F22 and TQS in under 3 days.  I've got working files for Mechwarrior2 and A-10 Cuba.  I could not have done this without Foxy.
I also need to thank you for mentioning the problems with the potentiometers.  I'm not one to fiddle with electronics (I'm a nuclear engineer, not electrical!), but after the painless installation and rock-solid operation of Foxy on my system, I figured you really did know what you were talking about.  I was proven correct once again as I now have an F22 that works wonderfully (finally!) in Win95.  The pots problem has gone away for a little while (the stick's still new!), but when it returns, I'll know right away what to do.

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
(Repeat these 5 lines another 199 times)

A 1000 thanks for Foxy and the page dedicated to the greatest control system in the world (well, for PC's at least):  TM!" Matt Miller

88.) "Fox Two is simply the finest of all the different programming tools out there.  It finally allowed me to lay the C&CC software to it's well-deserved rest! Thanks for the excellent program!" Bill Nuttycombe

87.) " I just downloaded Fox 2, and even though I just went through your tutorial, I am already amazed by how well it is put together. I never thought that it is possible to get such a professional set up, that does not "talk down" to people in their help files, even more so as it is just full to the brim with fun and humor." Alfred

86.) " .... It's exactly what I was looking for - and then some!  I've found it easy to use, remarkably good looking and chock full of "nice" features - like the graphics for the FLCS and TQS for example. This whiz-bang program will be my Thrustmaster setup scheme of choice from now on. I heartily congratulate you on a job superbly well done!  Thank you." (Sgt) Stan Murdock

85.) "I used to use Notepad, but now I use Fox One exclusively." Buzz Hoffman

84.) "Hey buddy! I have tried out Fox One on the last two F22PRO programs I wrote. This works much better for me than anything else I have ever tried. Thanks for the efforts on our behalf." Cowboy

83.) "The Fox Two you created is one awesome product, excellent interface, I love it!" Hank Campbell

82.) "Thank you for Fox Two. This is a nice piece of software!" Thomas Waelti

80.) "I've just installed your wonderful Fox 2. There are a whole lot of people grateful to you down under!" Emiliano Molina

79.) "I've only recently started simming and using TM controls, but it didn't take long to determine Fox Two suits me best. Sooo, I'm anxiously waiting for the new Pro release - glad to see a date on it, can't wait! I truly love the interface design and concept...I'm comfortable working straight text editing, but I like having as many various tools available as I could conceivably use - and Fox Two's got that in spades. Between the Composer, Korgy, and the fast macro wizard, I'm unlikely to run into anything I can't handle. I even amazed myself the other day, by hammering out a fairly comprehensive "first stage" set of controls for Descent:Freespace then realizing when I was done that I'd produced the whole shebang from scratch in roughly a half-hour! I'm sure I'll spend ten times again that amount on fine-tuning and adjusting until things suit me, but that's a breeze thanks to my own favorite element of Fox Two: the point and click/drag and drop method of assigning macros to buttons. That alone is worth any effort or cost, for the ease of rearranging things once I've got a good comprehensive macro file. Never use rocker down, WCS button 3? Take a couple of SECONDS, and put a function on there you're more likely to need! And it truly astounds me that of about a half-dozen Thrustmaster programming tools I've looked at, this is the FIRST to take the "Here it all is, so you can do your programming in whatever mode suits you" approach rather than the "This is the way *I* do it, and if you're using my program you'll do it that way too" approach. There may well be programs I've not seen that take the former approach as well...but having used Fox Two, I can't see spending good gaming/programming time looking for'em when I've about got it all right now.

'Course there's also the "downside", if one could call it that...having the references handy on what can be done with the other Thrustmaster setups, now I'm starting to itch to replace my FCS/WCSMkII rig with something "bigger and better"- and, of course, more expensive. " Shay Howe

78.) " ... over the last month I have officially fallen in love with Fox One.  I'm now at the point where I can't imagine doing my HOTAS setups without it.  Goodbye DOS prompt, and good riddance!" David "Mystic" Sandberg, who hosted the excellent "Six Degrees of Freedom" HOTAS setups for ThrustMaster FLCS/F-22/TQS/RCS site

77.) "Congratulations on Fox Two! It's a truly lovely interface, very nicely done! You have a great 'eye', it's really very well laid out and quite attractive." Bob Church

76.) "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Finally, not only an easy way to program my joysticks, but a learning one also. You're hints and walk thrus make learning to program just as easy as actually using FOX 2 to program." Warren Soeldner

75.) "Wow, 10 minutes into the wizards... I like made simple b50s and m50s already... wow... still stunned..." Christopher Tan

74.) "I have been using your Fox 2 program to create joystick profiles for about a month now.  It is a very intuitive tool indeed.  I used to dread programming this HOTAS (F22, TQS, Elite) but now, thanks to you, I really enjoy it.  I only hope that Thrustmaster takes notice of your gem and desires to provide you with compensation in exchange for licensing rights. Just in case you wonder, the best features in my opinion are (in no particular order):

1.  Color highlighting.
2.  Game Launcher.
3.  Korgy.
4.  Composer.

Geeze, there are so many more I'd like to add but that would be overkill I think.  The fact is Fox 2 is exactly the type of GUI that I needed to make better profiles." BJ "MuzzleFlash" Simpson

73.) "You have created a very nice software! Very comfortable to use, makes the programming very pleasant - I rarely look into the TM guide! Thrustmaster should be grateful for what you did, I sure am! " Ilan Taub

72.) "Great work! I guess you have spent a lot of time doing FOX2. I've been working as a software developer myself professionaly for 12 years so I can imagine what you've been putting into this project. Now it's much more fun to do the 'dirty' work (stick programming). Me and all the other flightsim hard-core fans out there thank you." Thom Zakariassen

71.) "I am an old MSDOS editor user (I dispensed with the CC&C very early on) and swore I would not give it up. Well I am here to say that Fox 2 has made me break that promise. I like editing TM config files by "hand" and Fox 2 allows me to do that but it offers so much more...certainly used KORGY quite a bit already! Well done...take a deep bow.    :D" Tom "Tracer" Lamont

70.) "Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !!!! :-) I have just downloaded and ran Fox 2 without a hitch! I have even already edited some files! You have made this sooo easy!! I am currently 'flying' with the TM F-22 Pro, TQS, and RCS. Quite the setup!  With your help I now understand my F-22 a little better! Thanks Again!" Randy "RAVEN" Allen

69.) "All those who are looking for a great tool to improve their programming efficiency when writing TM files shoud have a close look at the excellent, outstanding, marvellous programming utility Fox Two." Jan Mandler

68.) "... it is a wonderful program. Thank you for your generosity to make this wonderful program available for public use." Koh Chye Peng

67.) "I really like your product. It has helped me out with programming my stick and has made flying much more enjoyable." Clifford E. Mann

66.) "FOX 2 is AWESOME!!!" Tracy Allen Nevills

65.) "I sure wish I would have found this program before ordering the CS Commander 2.0 because your program fits my need excellently. I think your prog is TOP NOTCH. Please keep up the good work!!!!" John J. Lutz

64.) " ... to say that I am impressed with the job you have done is an understatement!! I have learned more about my ThrustMaster eqpt since downloading "Foxy" than in the several months of struggling with C&CC or Commander 2." Richard Dillon

63.) "I just installed Fox Two and played around a little bit programming my new F22 - it works fine and looks real cool! Thanks a lot for writing such a fine piece of software and making it available for the rest of us ! (I know what I'm talking about since this is not the first software for programming ThrustMaster stuff I've tried, I even bought CS Commander last year, but this one seems to be the one I've been looking for ;-)" Peter Kettenring

62.) "I would like to thank you for a fantastic job in building this program and providing ongoing support for it as it is clearly the best Thrustmaster utility available." Anthony Read

This recent post in the newsgroups put a smile on my face I can tell you! :) And today Foxy is exactly 100 days old - a great birthday present.

61.) "I'm a regular Combat sim site visitor and almost read everything they put up. I recently came across an review of a Thrustmaster editor put out by some guy in the U.K. I read the usual hype waiting for the $20 punch line at the end and much to my surprise it is freeware. Free is a price that fits me best so I thought, what the heck lets take a look. I fit into the large group of Thrustmaster owners (F22Pro/TQS) who love the equipment, but never wanted to take the time to program it. Thrustmaster docs are okay, but to use the really good stuff takes time to learn. Then once you learn it, you don't use it for awhile, you forget it and have to learn it all over again. Yes, I don't know a RAW code from RAW meat. All I know is I get RAW nerves when I try and program RAW codes. So like many others I rely on others to do the dirty work and have to put up with funky programs that do so so jobs. I end up hacking them up and usually are left wanting with my F22 files. Sound familiar?

Enter the Fox 2 program. After about 20min of just looking around I decide to put it to the test. I know nothing about putting a command on my TQS antenna, but I wanted to use it for a finer control of my radar slices in Longbow 2. I loaded up my Longbow 2 file and before I could say "what the heck?" Fox 2 had completely reorganised my ugly looking file into a professionally looking, perfectly spaced and COLOR coded file that was now VERY easy to read. Geez, I thought, I'm gonna print that. Out came a well organised file with colour coded elements that were parsed to perfection which made it so much easier to refer to. Now to the part which I was dreading. I hate programming ThrustMaster crap. I pull up this composer thing-a-mabob and see a big old tab that says antenna. Hmm, can't be that easy. Up comes a few fields where you just plug in what you want. Wasn't sure about what it was doing so I decided to see how the help file was. Laid out perfectly what each field was for so I just plugged in what I wanted. Found a neat little feature that not only loaded up the file I just made, but also starts my game right after the f22 file loads up. It worked just as I hoped. Man it's that easy. Sorry for the long post, but it's not everyday you find a program that is this useful. ESPECIALLY A FREE PROGRAM. Find it at the under the Fox 2 article. It's worth every penny ;o)" KC Cook

60.) "I finally had a few hours to play with Fox2 on the weekend. What an outstanding application! I'm in total awe! I cannot say enough good things about it. Thank you. The tutorial wizards are especially brilliant; love the humour too. Has TM offered to back a dumptruck full of money up to your front door yet?" Douglas Helmer - CombatSim President

59.) "I would like to thank for your helpful and impressive Fox 2 software, great job." Chan Yew Cho

58.) "Just tried your software today, in a word AWESOME! Hope it makes you very rich." Arnold Bell

57.) "Just a short note to tell you that I think your utility is a superb piece of work!" David Lian

56.) "Thanks for all your hard work on Fox 2, it has without doubt changed my life !! For the first time EVER, I have built an FLCS/TQS file from scratch and it worked (needed a bit of tweaking, but worked). Fox 2 is the Mutts Nutts !!" Gavin Woolgar

55.) "Outstanding program.  I'll definitely be recommending it anyone who's interested.  Thanks for the great work!" Dieter "Dada" Miller

54.) "... thanks for one of the best examples of programing I have found anywhere and that includes the stuff from 'the gates works'" Dick Dillon

53.) ".... I think your Foxy proggy is bloody brilliant." David Valentine

52.) " ...The wizards were great and are an excellent way to learn how the files work....thanks for the outstanding program!" Jim DiOrio

51.) "My heartiest congratulations on Fox Two. It is truly an excellent program. TM users will no doubt sing your praises for a good long time. The program is what so many of us have been so sorely missing all these years. Now, creating new TM files is as much of a snap as it'll probably ever get to be. People like you and Bill Wilson are truly to be commended for creating software which make so many's simming experiences all the better." Kin Chan

50.) "I can honestly say that this application is a great help ... it's in a whole different league. Thankyou for this wonderful app, and maybe you'd consider getting Thrustmaster to distribute it with all new sticks." Dave Pike

49.) "I am a flight sim fanatic and beta tester for NovaLogic. I created the programmable joystick files included on NovaLogic's F-22 Raptor and Armored Fist 2 CD's. I have had the opportunity to program and test a lot of joysticks and I agree with you that the Thrustmaster gear is the best. I love Fox Two and wish I had had it when I was creating the files for AF2 and Raptor. I have always enjoyed the programming flexibility and capability of TM gear and Fox Two just makes it more fun and easy. Since I write files for every game I play, I know I will get much use of it. Thanks for creating a great program." John Graham

48.) "Excellent product, you have got a winner right there!!! I agree with the combatsim review, TM should include a copy of your software with its products." Khang Ho

47.) Fox Two - the first independent review. Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson - the Editor of Combat Sim

46.) "This program of yours is really something! I've had it on my harddrive for a while now, finally got around to trying it and it's great!!!!!!" Eric Larsen

And in a thread in the newsgroups about staying with Notepad for developing files ...

45.) "Let me mention that Fox 2 has every "advantage" of Notepad, with numerous productivity tools which go beyond Notepad's many limitations. Before I started using Fox 2, I was a pure text editor TM programming kind-a-guy, rejecting all TM GUI's due to a lack of control. I still am a text editor TM programmer, but that text editor is in Fox 2 and it is fantastic. I rarely use the GUI interface, but it's there for folks *of which there's a ton* who find learning the TM programming process *slightly* confusing. I feel that the fact that Fox 2 has a complete GUI available may detract from the fact that it's heart and soul is a text editor on steroids. I highly recommend Fox 2 to anyone using TM gear, from the raw nugget to the most jaded veteran." Phil "Surfer" Worthen

44.) "I downloaded your marvellous Fox2 this morning and was absolutely amazed at the design and operation of it. As an avid TM fan I am soooooo impressed with it that I'm going to tell everyone I come in contact with about it. Damn fine show, Sir....!!! I forwarded my partner a copy this morning and I believe he contacted you about it. The coincidence is that he was writing a similar program but after seeing yours, we've scrapped it!" Craig Tavares

43.) "I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for your Fox 2 program. I've just started using the V1.2a version and so far it's a dream come true. I really like Korgy and the little touches that you've incorporated - such as the insert Heading, etc. Anyway, I greatly appreciate your hard work and devotion to those of us addicted to our flight sim hobby." Bob Mercer

42.) "Congratulations ! Fox 2 is the best TM app EVER ! (and I have tried them all!) Great piece of work ! " Alain Mattia

41.) "... let me applaud your efforts on the outstanding Fox 2 software suite. The help with the sticky potentiometers cleared up a longstanding problem, and had made my landings much safer" Brian Weed

40.) "Hey James! Well for the umpteenth time I checked Thrustmaster's website and they had a link to your Fox Two program. I have a F16FLCS/TQS/RCS combo that I have had for a number of years. I have learned with quite a bit of trial and error (mainly errors) to program this setup with the text editors in C&CC although I usually just use several Notepad windows. Over the years I have tried several different graphical programming interfaces for this setup. They were always lacking. At one time even T'master had one for Win 3.x . To be honest, it stunk and was extremely buggy. I have looked and tried the others over the years and have found that to do most of what I needed to do required text editing. Trying the other editors did give me some ideas to make my programs neater and easier to deal with but when it came to the crunch they always fell short.
My initial reaction to your interface was "What is all this?!" You have managed to cover all the bases for generating up the codes. I have not seen this elsewhere. Where most of the other programs used the Graphical Interface to input everything yours is still text based and uses a "powerful GI assist"! Even the help tutorials are written in a personal one on one friendly format. I was not only given good info on how your program worked but it was done with wit and intelligence. If you keep them amused they will remember it longer and better. This is the kind of program I have been looking for. In one word, it is SUPERB!!" Paul J Schaefer

39.) "... I'm quite surprised about it's capabilities.. the way you sell it, it's just a glorified text editor.. NOT! ;-) I figured that since it was over 3 megs.. I'd look at it, because there was no way "only a text editor" could be so big ... I'm glad I did." Al Adrian

38.) "Congratulations on an excellent product. I've had so much fun programming my TM stuff since downloading Fox Two that I've barely had time to play any games! It constantly amazes me how freeware and shareware developers like yourself manage, with very limited time and money, to produce software that puts the big boys to shame." Dewi Daniels

37.) "Well I finally have Fox Two installed and can happily say forget dentistry - Thrustmaster have gotta make ya rich soon .... : ) Had a quick play and like it a lot so far; wish I hadn't paid for CS Commander now. Thanks again for all your help and time you have obviously put into this program , think I'll be glad you brought it to the rest of us and didn't keep it to yourself : ) " Mick Hadley

36.) ".... First thing that is on my mind is....Where?! where?! has this program been all this damn time I've had TM's sticks!!!!!!...:). It's so awesome...that I cant find words to say how good it is...:). I have tried several programs for programming my FLCS/TQS combo, but always needed to go back to old text based programming...:( Your Fox Two beats them all." Isto "Iku" Tiihonen

35.) "First I just want to say thanks for all the hard!!!!!!! work you've put into Fox Two. I had CS Commander and after using it and now seeing your Fox Two, I don't think I'll be using CS Commander any longer." Terry Sharpe

34.) " ... The number of features are astounding ..... I wonder why TM doesn't try to license it from you to be included with their software?" Greg Cisko

33.) "Well, I dropped you a line last night to let ya know I'd downloaded your program. At the time I did little more than give a cursory look over to ensure the program loaded ok. Got a chance to play with it today and man! - this really is a piece of work, I'm only sorry now that I actually paid for Commander2 - this is better by orders of magnitude." Steven "Booger" Ridgell - retired F4-E fighter pilot

32.) "Fox2 rocks! One of the most incredible pieces of software I have downloaded. It has everything ... Very nicely done! I keep finding more features...I am in total shock at how complete this is - great work James!" Matt Soares (EA/Janes/Origin)

31.) "Congrats. on an excellent tool. I have tried many of the alternatives (CSCommander etc. etc.) but Fox Two is top dog as far as I am concerned. I managed to solve a problem I was having programming my WCSII/FCS/RCS in about 5 minutes thanks to Fox Two." Paul Stradling

30.) "Hi James, just to say your program impressed the hell out of me. Especially the beginners walkthrough. Very professional" D. Hayes

29.) "Thanks for the great work James. This is definitely the best TM app I've ever used." Dave Mann

28.) "Aside from my web browser, I don't think I ever downloaded anything so useful before. I've always had my eyes on a graphical interface... until this. It's truly impressive. Wonderful interface. It really looks like something professionally done. I can't imagine using my text editor ever again. Wonderful job! Personally, I think TM should look at this and consider buying this from you. They are in great need of something such as this. Everybody else should definitely try it out. You'll never look back." Corsair

27.) "A couple of days back, I downloaded a copy of your Fox Two TM programming app, having seen what looked like hype about it all over the place. On seeing the product in all its glory, I'm happy to say that it's a well-worthwhile piece of software, better than many commercial pieces around (I see lots of these, being an IT manager for a multinational company)." Pete Murray

26.) "Hello James! First I have to say that this is just one hell of a program. I can't help falling in love with it. My first HOTAS system was a CH combo. I wasn't quite happy with this one so I decided to try out some TM hardware, in spite of the much higher price. And I wasn't disappointed! As I had heard by the time of the purchase, people said that it was rather difficult to program the TM equipment. This made me buy the CS Commander from Sim-Tech even before I got my TM stuff. After a couple of weeks with that application, I removed it from my computer. It almost every time crashed the desktop (IE4) when I closed the program and I was never quite sure of what the program did when I downloaded my files to the stick. From then on I wrote my TM-files in Notepad instead and all went much better. But one day (a week ago) when I was doing my daily time in the flight-sim NG, I stumbled over a heading that said something about Fox Two. When I looked into it I became a lot more interested. I downloaded the file and installed the program on my Swedish Win95 and it all worked well. I instantly felt that this was a damn good program. And after a little time with it that feeling hasn't faded a bit. Thank you for a very well done and most useful program." Reine Larsson

25.) "In the past I've always recommended Thrustmaster gear with a disclaimer: be prepared to spend some time learning the programming! Two things have recently moderated my advice: the first is James Hallows recent release of his wonderful Fox2 Text-based programming software; the second is the release of this new HOTAS package." Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson - the Editor of Combat Sim, in a review of the Thrustmaster Flight System

24.) "Just downloaded v1.1 of Fox2...absolutely great! I've been using CS Commander 2 for a while now, and have not been very satisfied with it...I end up editing the files manually most of the time. Fox2 seems to be the perfect combination of editor/Thrustmaster-specific help, and I'll be putting CS commander on the shelf." Chris Hogan

23.) "AWESOME ADDITION!!! Love the game launcher that checks to see it the right file is loaded, if not loads the right .b50 file and launches the game, one click!!!" Mazman - with the new final release version 1.1

22.) "Man, you is a genius ! Seriously, I spent some time playing with 1.03 (public beta) again last night as well as the Launcher. They are both great programs. With Fox2 it's actually FUN to program the TM products again. I've had TM products since the FCS and had recently purchased the Saitek combo (stick/throttle) to try partly out of curiosity and partly to see if there was something easier to use (even us programmers get tired of programming when we want to fly!). However, Fox2 makes the TM gear so easy to use and program." Brett I. Holcomb

21.) " obviously think and code just like encapsulated all my frustrations with HOTAS programming (and I do a lot) with this program and dispelled them. What genius at Thrustmaster decided that I didn't want to see my macro defs while I was in the editor? You corrected that....what genius made access to RAW codes a multilevel cut and paste process..? You relieved me of that.......Holy mother of god ....this is good man....real good.....I could keep going but I wanna get back to my HOTAS programming.......its like playing the piano now!!!" Sleepdoc: Ex-engineer/programmer of robotic A/I - currently overzealous and up-till-now disappointed HOTAS programmer. :)

.... and in reply to the above post from the news groups ...

20.) "It sure does make programming TM fun doesn't it, doc!!!! I felt the same way when I saw it - sheer ecstasy!!!! No more UltraEdit and trying to remember what your standards are for keeping things consistent!!!! I had even gone to the length (sunk to the depths ???) of buying a Saitek combo and working with it's programming. Now my F-22Pro/TQS/RCS is back on my system and I'm redoing my f22/m22 files. This is almost as fun as flying the sim!!! " Brett I. Holcomb - Ex ChE Engineer, Assembler programmer (Provox Dialect) , part time C++, part time VB programmer, Access programmer - but nothing is as good as Fox Two (maybe James will make one for Assembler, C++, etc.!!!!

19.) "Fun is right. I'm back to saying to myself, "what if I do this?" The other wonderful thing about it is the multi-colour code display (which is customisable). It makes it easy to sit back and review what you've programmed and what you are still lacking. Corsair

18.) "I love Fox 2!" Michael Lackey

17.) No need for a comment here - the URL says it all ... Mazman - the guy who gave me the idea for the Launcher - which I developed in 3 hours flat after receiving his E-mail. Nice one Mazman.

16.) "James, thank you very much for producing this piece of software and making it available freeware. The guys at Thrustmaster really should send you their hardware free! It is a brilliant piece of work that shows how much attention to detail you place in your work, as all good dental surgeons do ;-)" Francisco de Ascanio

15.) "... it's one of the best TM interfaces I've seen so far" Buzz Hoffman

14.) "James, Hi! I downloaded Fox 2 last night and just getting familiar. My first impression of your program is very positive. I've used CS Commander for a few years but what I can tell so far, I'll prefer to use yours. Again, thanks." Mike Concino

13.) "Love the Fox2 even more." Crue

12.) "Foxy is quite the babe... good program..... you really have gone all out buddy. This is a great editor." Bill "Cowboy" Wilson

And from his site ....

"James Hallows has updated his FOX2 Thrustmaster file designer yet again...go to my links page for a great free program and be sure to thank James for his hard work. This is a professional quality program which is currently free and looks to be more functional than CS Commander (NOT FREE)...get FOX2, the Graphical Interface for Thrustmaster sticks you have all been screaming to have ..... a very very good GUI."

11.) "Marvellous program. I've hardly given it more than 20 minutes but I'm sufficiently moved to put down my cheese sandwich to send you this. Ask my girlfriend what it takes for me to put down a cheese sandwich and you'll appreciate what we're talking about here ..." Adamski. Ladder Administrator: Su-27 Flanker Challenge Ladder

10.) "If you have a ThrustMaster programmable stick go and download it!!!" BJ

9.) "Just downloaded your program (Fox 2). My first impression - it is excellent. I have tried them all. Yours is just right, not too complex but with enough features to make it much more useful than the C&CC program. Keep up the good work." John Sample

8.) "It's a shame that you are going to have to take time off from Fox Two for studying. This is already the best TM programming app that I've ever tried, and as an end user, I'd be happy with the current version as is (1.01 public beta). It looks like you're only going to be improving this further over time though, and that's great! Thanks again for your efforts, James." Jeremy I. Caplan

7.) I recently bought myself a Thrustmaster F22 Pro. Being completely inexperienced at any kind of programming I set out to configure the joystick using the CC&C floppy disc that came with the joystick. All I wanted to start with was a basic programme for DID's F22 ADF that I could download to the joystick to get me up and running. After searching around I eventually was given a file I could use with the F22 PRO and the game F22 ADF. It was a complete nightmare - no matter what I did each time I started the game the plane went totally out of control. For some reason the file wasn't being downloaded to the joystick. The interface in the CC&C disk was very complicated for a beginner (who has no experience with DOS) and I just got more and more confused and frustrated. Having spent a whole day trying I had almost given up when I decided to try Fox2 which at present is in beta form. The moment I started up Fox2 I felt better, here was the familiar and friendly Windows environment, with everything clear and easy to follow. Within five minutes I had successfully downloaded an F22 PRO file for F22 ADF and was delighted that everything was fine in the game. I can't understand why such a user friendly programme wasn't included with the joystick instead of the dated and (to me) confusing C&CC programme!? I thoroughly recommend anyone with Thrustmaster equipment to get hold of this programme, particularly anyone like me ie. a complete "newbie". Stephen Hill

6.) "Very, very nice utility. I have only spent a few minutes with it here at work and can't wait til I get it home to test it out with my joysticks.. Nice job on the tutorial and ease of use, along with the easy templates. Thanks for taking the time to design this.. This is a must utility for everyone with Thrustmaster products. Thanks again for the great job." JDMEsty

5.) "I went to the Games menu in the main app, and I got ADF and F15 setup to autoload the config files, and then launch the game. The Colour highlighting is AWESOME...and I love the full macro info at the bottom of the window. The RAW key generator made my jaw drop, and I'm just totally impressed. Fox Two is an outstanding tool. It's the best programming environment *text_based and GUI* I've ever used during my 6 years of working with .adf/.mdf and .f22/.m22 files.
Seriously, it's fantastic. I sure hope Buzz sees what a huge advantage his customers will see if he bundled Fox Two with every TM product." Phil Worthen

4.) "This program is very deep, IMO. I'm still finding out capabilities and cool stuff as I use it. I checked out Ed Bowsers Commander GUI, but did not like it. Is it me, or is Fox Two way different and much more capable? Go get 'em James!" Anonymous - for reasons best known to the author of this post and myself

My comments: I'm not going to ever enter into any debate as to whether Fox Two is better or worse than any other app out there - that's a judgement you can make for yourselves. After all, what's there to debate? :)

3.) "Wow. It looks good. The "Tip-of-the-day" makes a very professional impression! "Fox Two" is looking more and more perfect to me. You should really consider contacting ThrustMaster and asking them if they wouldn't like to replace their old DOS "C&C" with this fine app." Robin Breyl

2.) "BTW, looks like you have a winner here. Think I finally found something that will drag me away from UltraEdit." Wayne Snyder

1.) "...I successfully displayed my F15 config, which is the one I'm working on actively right now. I also can display the macro definition file associated with that .f22 file. I successfully cleared my F22 from within Fox Two, and successfully downloaded my F15 file to my F22Pro after clearing it...again from with Fox Two. I just LOVE how the macro filter works in the window next to the programming window for the .F22 file. This just what I've wanted to have. I'm loving it James..." Phil Worthen

    And those people who think it's rubbish had this to say ...

"This program is crap. Get a life." James Hallows - the author of Fox 2

And finally, to all those of you who've sent me unsupportive e-mail, or who've flamed Foxy in the news groups without justification, I'd just like you to know that I print out all these letters, and then I do this ....

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