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1. I can't see the images properly in the Composer. Also, some of the buttons in the macros frame are missing. Why doesn't it look the same as the screenshots on your site?
It's because you've got your system setup for large fonts. All versions of Foxy can't handle this I'm afraid, and it would be a HUGE job for me to change all the image coding in the Composer and the Macros frame to correct this. (About 6 solid weeks of programming). As I don't ever use large fonts - this was only picked up when Fox Two was in its second release, and just too big in terms of the code. So apologies - I'm afraid that you have to have your fonts set to small fonts otherwise Foxy's interface get's nicely messed up. I'm afraid I won't be fixing this ... it's just too much hassle for me and I have very little time to devote to programming these days. Sorry buddies!

2. There's no support anymore for the WCS throttle
Digital Foxy only supports the F22 Pro (or FLCS), TQS and Thrustmaster rudders. I will not be supporting any other combination with Digital Foxy.

3. Digital Foxy giving Blue Screen of death or Kernel General Protection Falult on startup.
The following is the problem: There is a DLL in the Windows\System folder called RICHED32.DLL. The version that Foxy attempts to install is v 4.00.993.4. If your version is a later version then if you replace the DLL with the older version, Foxy runs fine. With the newer version you might see Foxy not working at all. This is most annoying as I do have the latest versions of all service packs so in theory Foxy should be distributing the latest versions of Windows system files. After a lot of research I've discovered that there are several versions of this file ....

riched32.dll 5.0.2134.1 Wrapper Dll for Richedit 1.0
riched32.dll 5.0.2090.1 Wrapper Dll for Richedit 1.0
riched32.dll 5.0.1460.8 Windows 95 Rich Text Edit Control
riched32.dll 5.0.1458.47 Windows 95 Rich Text Edit Control
riched32.dll 5.0.1457.3 Windows 95 Rich Text Edit Control
riched32.dll 5.0.1441.0 Windows 95 Rich Text Edit Control
riched32.dll 4.0.994.24 Chicago Rich Text Edit Control
riched32.dll 4.0.993.4 Windows 95 Rich Text Edit Control
riched32.dll 4.0.988.0 Windows 95 Rich Text Edit Control
riched32.dll 4.0.835.1374 Windows 95 Rich Text Edit Control
riched32.dll 4.0.834.839 Windows 95 Rich Text Edit Control
riched32.dll 4.0.410.59

I've written to MS to see what they have to say about distributing/compiling with later versions than I ship with, and associated licensing problems. This is so damned bloody frustrating I can tell you. I've not had anything useful back yet I'm afraid. People who've seen this report back that they've had no problems with any app using the version that Foxy ships with. If you have this problem, please e-mail me as I'll need to wlk you through the fix, which basically involves replacing the RichEd32.dll file in DOS (you need to boot to DOS to do this).

4. Flashing QuickView with new NVidia GeForce drivers
I've had a user tell me that the new NVidia GeForce drivers cause the QuickView layout viewer to flash continuously. He reports that going back to the older drivers fixes the problem.

5. The Digital Calibration routine doesn't work on Win2k/XP
That's correct - it only works on Win98/ME. I need to rewrite this app to make it compatible as Bob's XP drivers do things very differently. I'm afraid that I'm too busy to do that in the near future.

6. The keyboard TAB key doesn't work in the joystick/macro file editing areas with version 4.5, and the menu item to open up Bob's help file doesn't work when using his XP drivers.
This is fixed in version 4.5a.

7. I can't get Digital Foxy version 4.5a to work with Bob's new drivers.
Please read the ReadMe.txt file accompanying the 4.5 install. You need to ensure that the checkbox is ticked on the File locations tab.

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