Fox Two Freeware

Yes, it really is free!

Firstly, I no longer host this software anymore. I only have a certain amount of bandwidth, and that is dedicated to the Cougar and my other more recent software. Let's face it, Fox 2 freeware is many years old now and it has been superceded with Fox Two Professional and Digital Foxy. However if you can find it on the net, Fox 2 freeware is fully functional, and there are no restrictions on its use on an individual basis whatsoever. So help yourself, and enjoy it! :) Feel free as well to host it on your site if you wish.

Secondly, do enjoy Fox Two and really try everything out - it's fun! The development of Fox 2, Fox 2 Professional and Digital Foxy has come to an end though, and therefore I am no longer responding to e-mails regarding them. I'm now married, busy and no longer a student capable of dedicating long hours to my software. Developing the Cougar software and my other projects (eg. Foxy RS for the RealSimulator hardware) consume all of my development time.

Installing Fox Two: version 2.3

If you do locate Fox 2 out there, and want to install it, then please make sure that you read the ReadMe.txt file which contains important information on installing it. Anyway here's the installation procedure:

  • Uninstall any previous Fox Two version.
  • Delete your old Fox Two directory (or at least delete your Fox2.ini file), if using a version earlier than 2.0.
  • Close down all other applications, especially virus checkers, First Aid, any network software, and any form of text editor.
  • Run the executable file (FoxTwo2_3.exe).

Notes about version 2.3.

In terms of functionality, there is no difference between version 2.1 and 2.3. Version 2.3 was developed in Visual Basic version 5, and as I'd recently bought version 6, I'd decided to recompile Foxy to ensure that the controls that distribute with it are the latest from Microsoft, so there shouldn't be any messages coming up when you install stating that the file on your system is newer than the ones Foxy's trying to install.

Please remember: When you first run Fox Two and you setup your File Locations, I do recommend you then shut it down and then restart it. Check out the Getting Started page for information on how to setup Foxy and how to get going.

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